Emotional systems


Emotional Systems is the inaugural exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Culture Centre La Strozzina at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy. It begins tomorrow and runs until 3rd February, 2008.

The...installation...[includes] an exhibition, a publication and a programme of lectures designed to investigate the topic of emotions, proposing a reinterpretation of the correlation between the contemporary artist, the work of art and the user, in the light of the latest discoveries in the neurological sciences about the human brain and its effects on the emotions.

The artists in the exhibition include: Bill Viola (USA), William Kentridge (South Africa), Yves Netzhammer (Switzerland), Katharina Grosse (Germany), Christian Nold (Great Britain), Maurice Benayoun (France), Teresa Margolles (Mexico) Andrea Ferrara alias Ongakuaw (Italy) and the poets Elisa Biagini, Antonella Anedda and Valerio Magrelli.

In addition to essays by the two curators, the bilingual catalogue published by Silvana Editoriale, comprises original writings and excerpts by internationally renowned scholars, including the neurologists and neurological scientists Antonio Damasio and Joseph LeDoux, philosophers and anthropologists Ronald De Sousa, Peter Goldie, Martha Nussbaum and William Reddy and the art historian, David Freedberg.

At the top is Picture Park (2007), by Katharina Grosse, which was specially created for the exhibition.

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I was just writing on Sandra Porter's blog about how science can have such wonder and beauty about it! From the micro to the macro. I know that science can follow the synaptic firings in the process of thought, and even emotion. But in the perception of beauty I think science comes closest to actually reaching the essence of man, and life! Closer to man's, ( and woman's), transcendent actual self.
Dave Briggs :~)