Happy Hump Day

It wasn't until college that Sci first heard Wednesday referred to as "Hump Day".

She apologizes for a certain lack of hefty content in the latest series of posts. This thing, they call it "real" life", and it's getting in the way.

But there are some things you NEED to see.

1) The guys at Deep Sea News posted a video last night on some critters found in a sewer in NC. O.M.G. Don't watch this with food. ALIEEEEENNNNNSSSSS. Really, the scientists don't know what the gigantic, glistening thing in the video IS. It's...really scary. Evolution in action, and I think this thing is going to take over the world!!! I should recruit it for my gigantic mutant army.

2) Sci has posted a number of posts on depression, and a bunch of other Science bloggers have as well. But all the scientific writing on etiology, with words like "lethargy" and "anhedonia", just doesn't compare to stories of the people going through it. And it's a really important question as to WHAT to do with those people, especially when those people are in academia. Dr. Isis posted a letter on one student with depression and their options, and Dr. Pal just posted another. Not only that, Drugmonkey has a really great discussion going of the issues of mental illness in academia. Check them out!

3) Sci noticed that Laelaps has an interview up at PawTalk, who previously interviewed our own Evil Monkey (Sci should note that the picture seen in the interview with Evil Monkey is in fact quite a good resemblance, especially when Evil hasn't had any coffee). Also, there's an interview with gg of Skulls in the Stars at Bora's! And he says nice things about Sci. I think we should ALL read nice things about Sci.

4) Ok ok. One more thing. I'm TOTALLY excited about the newest Tim Burton remake of Alice in Wonderland. The costumes are going to be magnificent!!! Seriously, I'm almost as excited for this as I was for Star Trek. And that's pretty excited. Spock is my man.


Sigh...look at that HUGE CRANIUM. Feel the genius...see the pointy ears...

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My attempt to click through the see the Horrible Mutant Thing was forestalled by "This Page Not Found". Woe and alas. I like me some Horrible Mutant Thing with my lunch.

Spock. *sigh*

Wow, that's a cool video! Freaky stuff. Love your pic of Spock too, I'm not a Trekkie, but he's the same actor as Syler (sp?) from Heroes and he was pretty cool there :)

I'm a bit concerned about the new Alice in Wonderland - doesn't it have Depp in it, but he looks all weird like he did in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Man, I love Depp as a pirate, or as Sweeney Todd, but this? I don't know...