I'm afraid I've been thinking

A dangerous pastime, you know.

If you've been around the blog for the past day, I'm sure you've seen that there's been a new...blog...from PepsiCo. Sci's not sure what she thinks of it, but it's not positive. I know we had GE and Shell and stuff...but that felt different, somehow. Being as Sci has recently been looking in to a lot of food and reward related mechanisms and issues associated with things like binge eating, she is more than a bit uncomfortable. So she needs some time to think about it. Posting will resume when I've had my think.

In the meantime, thanks so much for the responses to my meme! Sci is thrilled to see all the people who read and why. She promises, no matter what, her blogging has by no means ended.

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I must commend you, both for reserving judgement despite your misgivings, and for paraphrasing Beauty and the Beast.

Excellent work!

By embertine (not verified) on 06 Jul 2010 #permalink

Sorry you guys are having to go through this. (I guess no place is safe from the corporate reach?) I posted over on Christie's blog that if SEED is going to go this route, they need to make it ultra clear by creating a separate space for corporate blogging, like "ScienceBlogs-Business" or something. (Or ScienceBlogs-SellOut?") so that visitors know which side of the fence they are on when reading content. Just my two cents. Media outlets have been taking corporate money for forever in terms of advertising (that in itself is no sin), it just needs to be clearly labeled *as* advertising.