An homage to the past

I woke up this morning feeling somehow lighter, freer. The air smelled sweet and the sun was shining - a beautiful day in paradise. But that was not the cause of my elated mood - it's always nice here in Florida. No, something was different. Something had changed.

Oh, that's right. I'd CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR.

It's amazing how good you feel waking up to tangle-free locks first thing in the morning. Having had my hair long for years now, I just took for granted that every morning had to start with a battle with the rat's nest just to look like I own a comb. Truth is, as good as it looked when it behaved, a part of me hated my long, beautiful hair. It was a hassle. Now, I am free.

But part of me will miss my golden mane. So here is my homage to the 11" I donated to Locks of Love:

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