Get into the motion of the OCEAN!

I believe that most of my readers are very environmentally-conscious people. After all, how could you stand reading the ravings of a clearly tree-and-animal-hugging girl like me unless you had a soft spot for things that are green. So you all might like to know about a brand new, volunteer-based conservation group called OCEAN: the Online Community Environmental Action Network.

Here's what OCEAN's creator, David Shiffman, had to say:

I am proud to live in a time when more people care about protecting the environment than ever before. However, even with all of the amazing people working in the conservation movement, one of the biggest parts of my job is still public education. Most people have never heard that sharks are important, that sharks are in trouble, and that they can help. Many people have still not heard that the oceans are in trouble, and a few genuinely have not heard that the environment as a whole is threatened.

What solutions we can implement are limited by how many people know about the problem. The best science isnât going to help if we canât convince the general public of the need to do something. Every single one of us who cares about protecting the environment needs to help spread the word. In many cases, excellent resources for spreading the word are already in place- they are just underutilized.

It is with this important goal in mind that I am announcing the formation of a new volunteer-based conservation group : the Online Community Environmental Action Network (OCEAN).

The plan is that OCEAN members will utilize social networking sites like blogs, twitter, and facebook to share information. As a member (joining is FREE), you get updates from all over the world that you might find interesting as a environmentally-interested individual, and can submit your own content to be shared.

The more we communicate, the better the chance we have to make a real difference in the conservation movement and in our communities. To join OCEAN, just e-mai WhySharksMatter AT Gmail DOT com with the subject âOCEAN Applicationâ and let him know that you want to be a member. Then keep an eye out for OCEAN-worthy content as you stroll the interwebs or write your own!

Get out there and join the motion of the OCEAN!


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