Research Blogging Awards!

If you read this blog, odds are you appreciate those who write about peer-reviewed research. You might have even noticed that little check-mark page image on the upper left hand side of some of my posts: that handy image lets you know that that blog post has been registered with, a FANTASTIC site which collects posts from all over the web about all kinds of scientific research.

Research Blogging Awards 2010Well, now they've decided it's time to reward the best of the best in research blogging, so they're giving out cash prizes in all kinds of categories. Any blog that has included peer reviewed research in their content is eligible for nomination, and you DON'T have to be a member of ResearchBlogging to nominate a blog of your choice.

So get your butt over there and nominate your favorite research blogs to give them the chance to make a little extra $$$!!!!

(PS: you're including this little blog in that list of favorites...RIGHT?!)
(PPS: I'd recommend best Bio blog or best Lay-Level blog for OOAN.)

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