Scibling Showdown: Grad School Podcast

The other day, Jason, Sci, Travis and I got together to chit chat about various aspects of grad student life. You know - likes, dislikes, how we ended up in grad school, etc. Anyhow, here's our little chat for your enjoyment:

You can also download the MP3 directly for your iPod, etc from this link HERE.

Is there anything we left out? Any questions you have about being a grad student, or anything really? We intend to make this podcast (tentatively named "Scibling Showdown") a regular habit, so if you've got something you want to know, don't be shy.

PS: Y'all missed the five minutes prior where we made fun of how Travis says "about." Next time, we've decided, we're instating a two drink minimum to loosen things up. Now that will be one to tune in for...

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ahahahaha. i totally made fun of travis's ridiculous canadian accent on my post, too!

One subject - a favorite of mine - is faculty preferences for their own illegitimate children, and those of their colleagues. Have you run into this?

One guy (name withheld), did no graduate work at all - just plagiarized articles out of the library and got a position at Penn State.

How do students feel about biasing data sets as is done in global warming? Good feeling as a scientist? How do you protect yourself from faculty stealing your intellectual property?

What about the new world order? DO people feel comfortable with Chinese and Russian faculty and students?

By Gerard Schultz (not verified) on 06 Jul 2010 #permalink