Hellooooo ScienceBlogs...

I'm excited to re-start my blog over here at ScienceBlogs and join all the other awesome science bloggers.

Please pardon the mess as Sandra and I get settled in. We should have some new artwork to replace the banner in the next couple months as my wonderful graphic artist cousin, Erin, designs a new banner and some other stuff.

If you haven't seen the blog before you'll notice that it's a mix of silly and outrageous snippets from around the internet about the brain (well...really whatever we think is funny - but it usually has to do with the brain in some way). If you think we would like something out there feel free to either email me (steve@omnibrain.org) or Sandra (sandra@omnibrain.org).

You'll also notice on the left side bar there is a list of (del.ico.us) links which will change very frequently as I find interesting articles around the net but don't necessarily want to blog about them. For this reason there are two options for you feed readers out there.
The Feedburner feed archives these links each day as well as the normal blog articles ,
while the feed hosted at ScienceBlogs only displays the blog articles.
So choose accordingly.

I'll be moving the archives of the old blog over (hopefully) at some point - but if you're interested in checking them out feel free to visit the old omnibrain

Also...If you'd like an omnibrain.org email address (run by gmail) shoot me an email and I'll hook you up!
I also made some t-shirts, stickers, and thongs (I'd die if I found out some girl was wearing it haha!) with exciting omnibrain logos over at cafepress.

Thanks for visiting :) I look forward to blogging here at ScienceBlogs.


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Artist Katelyn Sack emailed me earlier to clarify some info. She shares truth: The post you link to incorrectly states the series is composed of fridge magnets. While I can make prints, magnets, T-shirts, and even baby bubbles featuring any of my artwork, 'Baby, Be A Brain Surgeon!' as featured…

Hello, OmniBrain! I'm mostly-a-lurker from the Pharyngula 'hood...

The OmniBrain Thong? For girls? Wouldn't OmniBrain briefs (for men) provide more ummmm truth in advertising? ;-)

Well ya know... I made some of those... but they were just lame!
I wanted the logo right on the ass or immediately on the front so well... you know... right over the hole...
But instead it is smallish and on the right hip area. lame!

Great blog! Glad to see you moved to ScienceBlogs. I'll add this to my reading list.

By Paguroidea (not verified) on 05 Dec 2006 #permalink

good to have you Paguroidea!