Neuroanatomical basis for Psychic EEG fMRI psychical parasomething ability.

Direct from the Horses Mouth:

Parapsychology/"psychic research" is presently not having sufficient number of man hours devoted to it. Yet, this field of endeavor can be a significant part of mainstream science. Via a conceptual overlap in subject matter, even laboratories connected with experimental psychology, physical anthropology, etc. could (via the enabling technology of brain imaging) locate the neuroanatomical basis for the generation or reception of parapsychological/psychical energies.

The main obstacle to locating the neuroanatomic correlates of "psychical" activity (via imaging) is the lack of intent. (Secondarily, there is the the cost of experimentation.) Should one wish to show that anomalous capabilities are developmentally available in the general population, subjects who can exhibit such unambiguous and large effects can easily be located.

The research costs for a project to locate the neuroanatomic receptors/effectors for parapsychological energies are essentially on an organizational scale. Some organizations that might interact with Neuro-Kinetik in this respect could be the readership of the Society for Psychical Research, or perhaps a governmental organization. Click here for the worksheet of our proposal to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, that might obtain funding for such an effort. (Should scientists and psychics be convinced to cooperate in such an undertaking.)

Thus, when the above mentioned research is completed, a link in the causative chain for biologically generated psi mechanisms will be located. [Eventually, to yield a manipulable new energy source.]

And watch out for the

[Of the "legendary" randolphsite...
Via an excerpt of dubious validity from Reginald Scot. Titled something like "Discoverie..." Reissue; Paperback; 17 Illustrations, 283 pages, Published: May 1990; Dover Publications. ISBN: 0486260305. Chapter heading: "Two notorious wonders, not yet marvelled at."]

Do I even really have to make comments about this? I think the ridiculousness speaks for itself.
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