The Onion Reports: Scientists Isolate Area Of Brain That Doesn't Like Poking

i-2adcb810ba5d1fa67d2737adb2c2103e-MIDDLE-FINGER-CLICK.jpgSince it's short.... here's the entire snipit from The Onion:

BETHESDA, MD--After an extensive six-month study using an electroencephalogram and a finger, researchers at the National Institutes of Health have discovered the section of the human brain that responds unfavorably to poking.

"We found a direct link between this negative effect and our finger pressing on a particular area of the brain," said neuroscientist Matthew Redman Monday, who conducted the study on 12 healthy participants. "After analyzing our data and testing and retesting our subjects, we finally identified this region as the surface area of the brain."

Redman added that science has still barely scratched the surface of this intricate and fascinating organ, though he intends to keep doing so as soon as he receives his grant.

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