The Purple Nurple Optical Illusion

I've entitled this illusion 'The Purple Nurple' Exciting eh? I haven't actually seen this particular one before today so I thought I'd throw it up.... so here it is:


I've finally figured out where the heck this illusion has come from! It is actually called "Sea Sickness" and is by Walt Anthony.

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"I haven't actually seen this particular one before today so I thought I'd throw up...."


Interesting that it only works when I don't look at it. As soon as I focus on it, especially the center, it stops vibrating.

If you hold your eyes still it stops moving, but if you flick your eyes about the page, it starts up again.

I only see it shift a little when I move my focus to and from the very center. I assume it's supposed to be one of those that constantly moves?

...that illusion is making my eyes itch. x_x

It only moves a little bit for me... but thats enough.

Makes me feel like a bad night in Tijauna.

By alcoolworld (not verified) on 24 Dec 2007 #permalink

Er... The Purple Nurple is the name of a gay club themed area on Furrymuck :>

I cant get it to work. It looks perfectly stable to me, wherever I point my eyes and however fast or slow I move them.

Cool illusion! Interesting that it stops when eyes are fixed in the middle.
Try to circle your eyes around the outermost layer of diamonds.

About the ugliest illusion I've seen yet. The garish colors must have something to do with the minor illusion. Color fatigue? I only noticed some "movement" when I moved my eyes across an outer area, such as around the circle of diamonds.

Why not have a ranking of illusions by: 1) perceived movement, 2) aesthetics, 3) color fatigue, and 4) patterns?

Great as a desktop background.

I'm w/o my printer at the moment. Does it work the same color printed onto paper?

Sorry. It just sits there doing nothing. I've tried everything. Hmmmmm...

If you open up your eyes wide (as if beeing extremely surprised) and look at it, it appears frozen for me.

it breathes!

giving away my "age/generation" --- it has an LSD-like effect...

not that i would know what that might actually be... ; )

I get no effect whatsoever. I gather it is supposed to move in some fashion. I can't even get it to muster a tic.

Joekdoe: do you sit around watching Simpsons episodes and then pronounce each and every one of them "Worst. Episode. Ever."?


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cool how long have you dun this and do you get payed ???????

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