Fark Photoshop Contest With Neurons

Check out this fark photoshop contest using neurons. Here's one of my favorites:


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There's a great Flickr slide show with some brilliant LOL Philosophers right here. Here's one of my favorites: And a link to a few LOLScientists was brought to my attention recently. Check them out here.
Apparently, Google has been running a contest among K - 12 students in the US to come up with a replacement logo. And now they have 40 finalists and you can vote for the one you like. These are my favorites: Go HERE to vote. hat tip: Natalie
We (both science bloggers and scientists) often talk about how to bring science into pop culture, both in terms of educating the public as well as making science something people like and care about. What methods work best, and how do we make science "cool" and "interesting" to everyone? What…
Fark is having an octopus photoshop contest — most of the entries make me go "eh", but there are a few nice ones. Phil Plait thinks this could be a symbol of rapprochement between the brilliant analysts of the natural world at Pharyngula and those slack-jawed people who stare dully at the sky at…