Reading your thoughts with a radio

Via Modern Mechanix:


Reading Thoughts by Radio

Can thoughts be read by radio? "Madam Radora" seems to prove that they can. Madam is not a human being, but a life-size automaton shown at the Permanent Radio Fair in New York. Her "thoughts" and movements are controlled entirely by wireless; no wires of any kind are attached to the table whereon she rests, and a liberal reward is promised the person who can prove that this is not true. Persons desiring to ask questions simply stand before "Madam Radora" with their hands resting on a special pedestal carrying a number of electrical contacts. Radora then bends over her crystal, and answers the questions put to her in a clear, feminine voice.

So what do you guys think this is? What exactly is going on?

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nothing much. whatever madam radora says is just barnum effect taking into play

Well, people are probably emotional in this situation so their galvanic skin response probably has their hands sweating. Perhaps she uses that as well as a voice stress analyzer to see what words carry the most emotional meaning for the questioner and then comes up with some nebulous answer designed to fit into their cognitive emotional state. Leading to the questioner believing "she read my mind?"
Dave Briggs :~)