Vote for the nerds!

Help two nerds win a crate and barrel wedding contest!

Our love story.

We met in a hallway at the Museum of Natural History in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Chris was on his way to the lab where he researched birds and I was working as a scrub for a famous professor. We realized that we both loved wine, food, music, dogs and all things of a dorky nature. Game on!
Three important details about our Ultimate Wedding.

1. Chris' parents are doctors who immigrated from Sri Lanka to New York in the late seventies. I am wearing a sari for the wedding as part of tradition. I hope the wedding is really colorful and a good mixture of all of our beliefs. 2. We want our friends to have a good time at our wedding! It is happening in northern WI, and there will be wine, food, and kids and dogs are allowed. Oh, and canoeing. 3. Dancing is a super important part of the reception. There might be some serious dance offs.
Our everyday dream day.

Wake up, walk the dog to the bakery, get some pastries and coffee. Go to the farmer's market and get ingredients for dinner. Go somewhere: the arboretum, a new hike, the lake, some where. Try to convince the dog to swim in the lake, which will not be possible. Come back home. Take a nap. Make dinner. Or watch Chris make dinner while I drink wine. Repeat.

I have no idea what they win... buy hey... They're nerds!

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