Biologically Inspired Jewelry

Perhaps you have noticed that I haven't been blogging very much lately. Probably not, which is why I don't ever do these "sorry for not posting" posts, but I'm making an exception this time because it is a very special occasion. So, apologies for my recent lack of posts, but I got married last weekend! Of course, my wedding was not without biologically inspired design appropriate for mention on this blog. On my special day I wore Nervous System's algae inspired Filament Necklace.


Nervous System is a small and awesome company that combines background in biology, architecture, math, and computer science to design biologically inspired jewelry and housewares. Many of these designs are algorithmically generated, based on the fundamental processes that control the self-assembly of biological shapes and patterns in algae, dendrites, hyphae, radiolaria, and xylem.


They describe their work in a recent Fast Company article about biomimicry providing a fascinating perspective that can be useful for art and design, but also for science and engineering:

Our work is not simply about mimicking biological forms but trying to understand the processes by which those forms come about. We then abstract those processes into a distinctly non-biological context to create designed objects.

Go check out their work, follow them on twitter, buy their cool things!

And I promise that I'll never make excuses for not posting again and I'll be back to more regular blogging after graduation!

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Congratulations on the wedding & beautiful piece around ur neck. Nothing like the beauty of nature to inspire:-)

By Sue Metzenrath (not verified) on 01 Apr 2011 #permalink

Your "buy" link is broken but thanks for sharing!

By echoegami (not verified) on 02 Apr 2011 #permalink

Congrats on the marriage! I got married the Saturday before last :D I'm just catching up on all the blogging I missed, and it was awesome to find out that someone else had been busy getting married as well.