Ski Day: Mt Shasta Ski Park

Well I finally made it to the ski slopes. Hopefully my late start to this year's ski season will just mean that I push harder to get up to the slopes. Here is a picture taken from the base of the Mt. Shasta Ski area:
The two lifts servicing advanced terrain were shut down in the morning due to the wind, the wind chill factor was brutal, and the snow looked liked it had been shipped out directly from the East Coast: all ice and crud. But hey, it was the first day skiing!

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It looks great none the less. However, a question if you don't mind? I notice that in the photo that near the bottom of the ski run it splits into two paths, with the dividing barrier being a clump of trees. Now have you noticed if the accumulated pattern of the skiers at the bottom differs as when you are observing or not? :-) As a secondary question; have you considered that there may have been some subliminal reason for you choosing this particular run? ;-)