Ski New York?

The New York Time's reaches new heights of self-delusion: It's not as if New York's resorts are considered inferior. Counting as your props recommendations from Ski magazine is just awesome. Ever notice how every single article in Ski magazine references a ski area from all major ski regions? I wonder why that i$?


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Not really sure how to "read" your comment since I know you're an avid skier and from out West. You see, as a native Buffalonian and 10+ generation New Yorker, I was born defensive and proud. So, what exactly are you saying? Do you agree they're overlooked? Or are you snubbing your nose at our eastern peaks (many westerners don't believe we have real mountains)? In any case, just remember they were good enough to host the 1980 Olympics (actually they hosted them once before that as well).

I'm just saying, I'm not booking my next ski vacation to New York. I've seen the type of skier the East Coast produces: there must be some scary ass ice out east :)

Not really. It can get slushy at times since it can frequently be a "wetter" type of snow (especially nearer to the coast and the Great Lakes). But don't judge us on Bode Miller's performance in the Olympics. In fact, as a good scientist, you shouldn't judge East Coast skiing until you've tried it - and at one of the good resorts like Stowe, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, etc. Or, if you're really, really nuts, you can try to ski Tuckerman Ravine like a few crazies inevitably do each year (and about half get buried in avalanches - yes, we even have those here as well).

It can get slushy at times since it can frequently be a "wetter" type of snow

Your not helping your case :)

All I'm saying is don't knock it until you've tried it. We must be doing something right if we've hosted multiple Olympics and continue to produce Olympic athletes (Bode Miller not withstanding). And when I mean near the coast and the lakes I mean very near. Most of the major resorts are well away from water. On the other hand, we just got 10" of nice, dry powder at my house yesterday which is only about a mile from the beach so even on the coast can be good at times. Now, if I had oodles of research money I'd pay to have you come out here under the auspices of physics but really turn it into a skiing trip just so you could experience an Eastern mountain.