Villa Sophia Skiing

Skiing past our home in Seattle:
Later a group of local kids made a snowboard jump...I would have used it but it didn't look all that sturdy, and I probably would have ended up with an action shot of "Dave destroying local kids joy."

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That looks like quite a bit of snow for you guys. I presently have between 20 and 24 inches of beautiful granular "dry" snow on my lawn (got 15 inches yesterday to add to the 9 already on the ground from Friday).

I'm currently in the Seattle area, visiting Mom for Christmas. Conditions appeared to be a bit worse this evening than they were in the morning thanks to a thaw-freeze cycle. I live in New Hampshire, and I'm not sure I could drive in these conditions (we don't need chains in New Hampshire since state and local highway departments have the equipment and manpower to keep the roads plowed and sanded). This isn't the biggest snowstorm Western Washington has had (I was also around during the Blizzard of 1996); what's unusual is that the snow has persisted this long.

I'm hearing that some parts of the Seattle area, in particular Issaquah/Sammamish, have gasoline shortages because the tankers can't get in and make deliveries. I hope that's not a problem in your area (if memory serves you live in Queen Anne, one of the worst places to be in the area during a lowland snow event).

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 22 Dec 2008 #permalink

Queen Anne has its secret entrance and exits. The north side of the mountain with the Aurora bridge is the best way to get on and off: just make sure you choose properly at the seven way intersection :)

Yeah the snow has that nice four plus ice followed by four plus ice which makes for some nice compaction into slippery stuff.