Through The Eye of the Beholder

Scott the optimizer asks a question on a wim:

Come up with a catchy name for growth rates of the form 2^(n^&alpha) , 0

I thought the answer was obvious: "probably in BQP."

update: does html superscript not work in a blockquote? I guess the answer is yes.

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I think you want that to read 2^(n^alpha) instead of 2(n^alpha). I was wondering what the mystery was until I checked out the link!

Thanks Earl, I can't seem to get the html superscript to work in blockquotes.

That is weird.

I mean seriously


But can I just super it outside of the blockquote?

OK, last comment. 'seriously' was supposed to be super in a block quote, and 'super' was supposed to be super in regular text. I previewed comment 4, and it was super'd, but when I posted it, it didn't get it. So, my guess is that your content management system has something against the sup tag.

David: It's not just the <sup%gt; tag that gets hit. If you preview any comment which includes HTML code, the code is converted to text as advertised. But if you then post the comment, the already converted text--not the original HTML code--gets run through the converter, and you lose the formatting.

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 08 Apr 2009 #permalink

And you just saw why my workaround of skipping the preview is dangerous: I typed a % instead of & in the code for a greater than symbol, so it didn't render.

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 08 Apr 2009 #permalink

So, without supering?

That should have said, 'without previewing'. Either way, not previewed, tagged 'supering' with sup.

Clogging dabacon's comments section. Priceless.