Con or Bust Auction Nearing Its End

Once again, Kate is running an auction to benefit the Con or Bust project providing financial support for fans of color(*) to attend science fiction/ fantasy conventions. The auction is run via LiveJournal, with a variety of cool items on offer in individual posts to that community, with an overall index here.

Among the items on offer are signed copies of How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog and How to Teach Physics to Your Dog (in your choice of several languages). You can also bid on some of our excess books.

Bidding ends at midnight Sunday, so you've got a little time left. Check out the lists of stuff, and get your bids in soon.

(* - "Fans of color" here meaning "non-white fans," not people with a deep attachment to particular hues. I am not interested in hearing your theories (if you have them) about how this is racist and discriminatory against white people. Any such comments to this post will be ruthlessly moderated.)


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