Attempting to live blog the Superbowl - year 2

i-9dc84d4d9156dccb30d5f62466b4219a-swblocks.jpgAnother valiant attempt to combine motherhood, teaching prep, and watching the superbowl. Last year I made it to the third quarter before giving up (i.e., Minnow needed my attention for the rest of the evening). Let's see if this year goes any better.

6:22 pm: The TV has been on for about 15 minutes with the various pre-game antic. We shut it off because it's distracting Minnow from eating dinner.
6:29 pm: I'm changing a poopy diaper during opening kickoff. Minnow decides she wants to wear underwear for the next round.
The over-turned first touchdown: I'm dishing up home made apple pie and ice cream. How very American of us.
end of the first quarter: Hmm...maybe this will work. Minnow is peeing on the potty under Fish's supervision (underwear is still dry), and I grab my laptop to start working on a quiz.
1 minute into the second quarter: Minnow is her underwear...we make it to the potty in time for the second half to be deposited there. Is that success or failure?
the rest of the second quarter: I'm upstairs getting Minnow into jammies, brushing tooth, supervising puzzles, reading books, and getting her ready for bed.
the start of half-time: Fish and I trade places. The game is still marginally competitive I see. I blog this and then...

Stay tuned.

the end of half-time: Hmm, I guess I was supposed to be writing the quiz during Springsteen, not catching up with Bitch, Ph.D. Bad distracting internet.
8:40 pm: Fish is still upstairs with Minnow, but it's been very quiet the whole time. I'm going to guess that they are both asleep on her toddler bed. Oh, and Cuba Gooding Jr. doesn't look happy. But I've learned another piece of football rules minutiae: If both of your challenges are successful, you get a third one.
8:55 pm: Arizona is now behind by 13 points. This sort of deficit has never been overcome in Superbowl history. Will the Cardinals beat the odds? Or is it time to turn off the TV?
9:00 pm: OK, Coca-cola clinched my vote for the best commercials with the cute bugs one. But it seems like an awful lot of the ads are for movies. It's been that way for the past couple of years, IIRC. Has it been always thus?
9:14 pm: Fish has emerged from Minnow's room. I was right, he'd been asleep. In other news, is still not working. They should really make sure they have adequate server bandwidth before making a cliffhanger Superbowl commercial that ends in a URL.
9:33 pm: WTF was the "pepsuber" ad? The quiz is written. Time to move onto the next lecture.
9:46 pm:A safety!?! How often does that happen in the Superbowl. Ah, here are the announcers with the facts. Those NFL fact checkers are amazing.
9:48 pm: OMG the Cardinals have the lead. But can they hold on to it? Is all this celebration a bit premature?
9:52 pm: I really hate the commercials year after year after year.
9:54 pm: The announcer says, "no superbowl has ever gone into overtime." SW says "and this one better not either, I've still got a lecture to write."
10:08 pm:'s over. The last few minutes were pretty exciting, no matter what outcome you wanted.

The post-game analysis: Huh, I actually saw about 3/4 of the game. And I got a quiz written. And Minnow went to bed peacefully. Maybe there is the possibility of "having it all" at least some of the time. Of course, I've still got a lecture to revise before tomorrow morning, so I'll be up for another couple of hours yet. Apparently, you can "have it all" but you can't have it all and an adequate night's sleep.

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I was (fortunately) not trying to grade, because my five-year-old likes to act out football while he watches it. (That means he keeps practicing blocking and tackling on me. Not good. I think I took more hits than Kurt Warner and Big Ben put together.)

The picture he colored during the 2nd half is funnier than any of the commercials.

I thought at least one S-Bowl had gone into overtime, but haven't looked it up yet. And I didn't see the safety well enough to completely understand what happened. Both teams had some great moments, and 'my team' won - although, really, I haven't watched enough for several years to really have a team...

Watching last night's game, I think I understood some of the appeal of football/the Superbowl for the first time.

Re: the outcome: that is what John McCain gets for not going to the White House to watch it with Obama. Yay Spector! (for a Republican at least)

Though I'm still unsure about whether this whole having it all thing is worth the loss of sleep. I dearly love sleep.