I'm a little more dead than last week

i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgScienceWoman has been a rockstar carrying the blogging load this week, and I'll have to crave her (and your) indulgence a little bit longer. Apart from discovering that both my university president and my university provost read our blog (hi again!), I had a site visit on Friday, attended a poster session one evening, am working towards a quarterly review, and am 3 weeks late on submitting my P&T document for my annual review. I hope to dig out of this soon; but for today, I am completely zonked. Sorry to not be pulling my harness in the blogging wagon still even longer... :-(

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Your sanity is more important than this blog by anyone's count. Get some rest!

Take care of yourself first, blogging is low priority by comparison!
I had a similar 'I read your blog' moment this week when one of our full professors offered me some encouragement regarding an issue I'd blogged about on my other blog. It was a strange moment, but I think she's starting to see the usefulness of having a blogger in the department.