The Buzz: Obama Declares Swine Flu National Emergency

i-db861cac97e8341495746251aab5b37e-SwineFlu_HS.jpgPresident Obama declared the swine flu epidemic a national emergency on Saturday, after more than 1,000 US deaths--over 100 of them children--were confirmed as linked to the virus. The Centers for Disease Control report that this is purely a step towards preparedness, but many are wondering how effective this measure will be in preventing the spread of H1N1 in light of recent vaccine shortages. David Dobbs of Neuron Culture points out why the current chicken egg-based system of engineering vaccines is "too slow, too glitchy--and apparently, not terribly accountable." The White Coat Underground reported on the first round of H1N1 vaccines to hit his county and the "chaotic hodge-podge" of public health infrastructure. Over on Effect Measure, Revere covers the nationwide hysteria linked to the swine flu, including the CDC's warning of "swine flu parties" despite unsubstantiated evidence, and CBS's poorly-aimed spin and bad reporting around H1N1 virus testing.

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Hopefully those 900 others that died are old people who opposed marriage equality. We're due for a pretty massive die off soon.