Science, Hot off the Press

Bridging new media and old, The Open Laboratory takes the best scientific blogging of the year and prints it on actual paper. For 2010, forty reviewers narrowed down nearly 900 submissions to fifty of the very best. This year's edition also includes six poems and a cartoon! Editor Jason G. Goldman announces availability of the book on The Thoughtful Animal, suggesting you "buy one for yourself, buy one for your significant other, buy one for each family member, buy one each for as many neighbors, friends and colleagues you can think of, and buy a copy for the local library." In another post, he runs down the list of finalists included in Open labratory 2010, and thanks everyone involved in the genesis of the project. Congratulations Jason on a job well done! We are already looking forward to Open Lab 2011, which will be the sixth iteration of this groundbreaking publication.

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