Mark your calendars: April 8th

Well, it's not technically a weekend diversion, but something awesome happened in the wake of my recent Awards-show posting of the Carnival of Space. David Livingston, a blogger over at Space Cynics and a radio host of The Space Show, has invited me to be his guest on his April 8th broadcast of his show!

So get ready to listen up, because this is going to be available worldwide for download! I'll definitely have an entry for you after the recording to let you know how it goes and what we talked about, but I hope to get to talk about all the things that excite me about doing this, including space, the solar system, dark matter, dark energy, the big bang, and so much more! I've answered most of the questions that would be good for a general audience that you guys have sent me, so send me more!

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Hi, Ethan, congrats on your upcoming The Space Show appearance. I regularly tune into that program and have bumped into David Livingston online a few times. He's an adjunct professor at the UND Space Studies program, where I'm currently a student.