"Offend Every Religion and Non-Religion Day"

Brian says it is draw Muhammad day so here is a nice pic I found:


I'm afraid I don't know the original source - it looks to have been a Frog (this *is* offend everyone day, isn't it?) - oh hold, on, it is Plantu. I've delicately altered the original, I bet you can't tell where :-).

weasels Olde Atrichoke points me to "Jesus and Mo" which has a nice gentle one about excess internet usage, one for the climate-y folk about Denialists. And then there is Today's.

Predictably enough this offends the wackos which I presume is the point - to try to tire them out. Also predictably enough, there is a wiki page on this: [[]].

More like this

The link to 'Denialists' doesn't seem to be live. [Sorry - patche dup now -W] I see from the 'wackos' link that so far YouTube has not succumbed to pressure to remove the videos. I am sorry to see, however, that the blogger who inadvertently started the movement has apologized and removed the original post. When bloggers remove posts, when the producers of shows like South Park equivocate, and when publishers fearfully eviscerate books (e.g., cutting the cartoons from a book ABOUT the cartoons!) that demonstrates that threats work.

The blogger who started it says she had nothing to do with the Facebook page but her name was attached to it anyway - I suspect that's why it got taken down. I agree though about the problem of giving into threats.

Ah ha! You have enstoated the souris.

[Mais oui! -W]

By Vinny Burgoo (not verified) on 21 May 2010 #permalink

I had to look up "ftw" since I neither text nor twit. Which meaning do you suppose mo had in mind--the 20th century or the 21 century?


By Paul Middents (not verified) on 21 May 2010 #permalink

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