Ripped off from Bart.
As discussed by Viz in the August 2010 edition, #197: Paul has more useful discussion, but Viz is funnier.
Brian says it is draw Muhammad day so here is a nice pic I found: I'm afraid I don't know the original source - it looks to have been a Frog (this *is* offend everyone day, isn't it?) - oh hold, on, it is Plantu. I've delicately altered the original, I bet you can't tell where :-). Olde Atrichoke points me to "Jesus and Mo" which has a nice gentle one about excess internet usage, one for the climate-y folk about Denialists. And then there is Today's. Predictably enough this offends the wackos which I presume is the point - to try to tire them out. Also predictably enough, there is a wiki…
tags: cartoon, easter, humor I know this cartoon is as old as I am so you've all seen it a hundred times already, but it never fails to make me laugh, so I am sharing it with you anyway.
tags: art, humor, cartoon Some of you might be aware that the roughhousing at ScienceBlogs has been noted and cartooned by the extremely talented Joseph Hewitt. Unfortunately, I was overlooked in the cartoon so I made a comment on his blog, Ataraxia Theatre, about sending my flock of attack parrots after him. My parrots caught up with him early this morning (the middle of the night, Joseph's time) and so you can see the result. He did not finish his cartoon of me in time to stave off their chomping beaks of death, so his blood was split before I managed to call them all off. His poor well-…
tags: Holidays, christmas, Atheist Holiday Traditions, big fat whale, cartoon, comedy, humor, satire, fucking hilarious Image: Big Fat Whale [larger view].
tags: Santa Claus, Santa the Fascist Years, comedy, humor, funny, satire, holidays, Christmas, politics, streaming video We all think of Santa as "Jolly ole St. Nick." But who knew that he has a dark hidden past that's very un-jolly? This short film uncovers and explores Santa's flirtation with politics and ...
tags: art, humor, satire, The Big Snit, Canadian cartoon, streaming video Here's another peculiar yet amusing Canadian cartoon that I only just saw for the first time: The Big Snit by Richard Conde.
tags: art, humor, satire, But the Cat Came Back, Canadian cartoon, streaming video I've never seen this cartoon before today, but it's a classic Canadian cartoon that my spouse watched when he was a kid. So he introduced it to me.
This air purifier ad from Sharp is a little creepy, in a Spongebob Squarepants way. I love how you can see their fluorescent organelles! Unfortunately I don't see anything here that resembles a virus, but with swine flu all over the news, this serves as a good reminder to wash your hands. Ad by Takho Lau for ad agency M&C Saatchi of Hong Kong. Found via Next Nature
This was mysteriously sent to me. I think maybe by god.
tags: farewell GW, John Sherffius, politics, humor, comedy Image: John Sherffius, 28 December 2008 [larger view]. Read the fine print, if you can (and you really aren't expected to be able to read it), then tell me what you think of the current resident of the White House.
tags: cartoon, humor, funny, pets, cats Image: XKCD. I am staying with a cat named Jack in Helsinki, and of course, this means I am redicovering something about cats I'd forgotten, but this phenomenon is well-established scientifically, as you can see from the graph above.
tags: Simon's cat: let me in!, animated cartoon, humor, streaming video A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors. If this doesn't make you laugh, well, you need serious help. [1:52]. this video is the second in a series, this was the first.
tags: politics, political opinion, cartoon, Tom Toles, washington post Are you like me, without any clear preferences in the 2008 presidential race? If so, this 2008 presidential candidate guide by Tom Toles might be of use to you; Image: Tom Toles, Washington Post.
tags: humor, cartoon, abortion, anti-choice, women, religion, blogging Image: Jesus and Mo.
tags: humor, cartoon, blogging Image: Isabella Bannerman [slightly larger view].
tags: birds, humor, cartoon Image: Bizarro.