A boy, a guitar, and an amplifier

For those of you in the North Carolina Research Triangle area wanting to extend your weekend as much as possible, you'll want to catch a a local music showcase at The Berkeley Café in Raleigh (217 W Martin St, 27601) tonight, Sunday 12 July at 7 pm. Yours truly will be playing a 30 min solo acoustic set of mostly original songs.

(Addendum: Cool! Eva Amsen just posted her interview of me yesterday for her Musicians and Scientists project)

Most notable on the bill are two fantastic roots reggae bands, Anchants and Curry Don (de Doc). I'm supposed to go on 8 pm or so.

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Figure 1. This lovely 2001 Taylor 810 and SWR California Blonde amplifier will be driven by the author this evening at Raleigh's Berkeley Café near the campus of North Carolina State University (yes, the university with this week's robotic bat story).

Tickets are a little steep, IMHO, for a Sunday show ($8 adv/$10 door) but I've got a couple for any cash-challenged folks if they email me in the comments - first comment, first serve. My colleague, Bull City frontman Jim Brantley, calls the band versions of my music "powerpop" to give you some idea of the style. You can head over to the MySpace site to hear them - the unplugged versions of those and others will be available this evening for the listening pleasure of those in our glorious state capital.

In a very timely coincidence, I I had the lovely pleasure yesterday afternoon of being interviewed by Dr Eva Amsen (Eastern Blot, Expression Patterns) for her project, Musicians and Scientists. Those of you who read her blogs regularly will get a kick out of the adaptation of her Erlenmeyer flask icon fashioned into a treble clef.

Eva herself is a killer violinist based currently in Toronto and has previously interviewed friends such as militant knitter and food scientist Cathy Davies (Lab Cat) and Nature Senior Editor, Henry Gee.

Eva has mercifully edited our conversation down to 7 min and posted only the most crucial parts of my story of avoiding formal musical training for 30 years while still somehow bamboozling paying customers in New Jersey, Florida, Colorado, and North Carolina.

Eva had originally intended to interview me in January while at ScienceOnline'09 but I had to quickly spirit Prof Janet Stemwedel and acmegirl (Thesis - With Children) to the airport after the shuttle left without them. So, we caught up yesterday via Skype.

In a sort of turnabout, Bora Zivkovic recently posted his own interview with Eva here.

Many thanks to Eva for getting this post done before heading to Australia.

Hope to see some of you in Raleigh tonight.

My Musicians and Scientists interview with Eva Amsen
My solo MySpace site
Berkeley Café website

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Hey Abel! Good luck with your gig tonight. I have many fond memories of your gigs in another neck of the woods and am desperately sad I live too far away to make it tonight!! Have fun and enjoy yourself!

By PharmCanuck (not verified) on 12 Jul 2009 #permalink

Where is our update, Abel?

By OldMan PharmProf (not verified) on 13 Jul 2009 #permalink