Sunday Morning Funnies

Welcome to a new weekly feature here at Of Two Minds, the Sunday Morning Funny Pages - well more like the Sunday morning single comic. Shelley or I will have an exciting new comic here every Sunday morning that should, at the very least, make you roll your eyes - and maybe even chuckle once or twice. Hey! we're working with science here - the joke is only as funny as the source material. Perhaps one day we'll find something really really funny so you better be here to check!

So without further blabbering... here's our first comic:


-via Meningioma Mommas-

i-17958bef1a7046c83d757d1765e1bdb9-funny_sideofthebrain.jpgWasn't funny enough for you? Yeah me neither... Maybe you should order "Drawing on the Funny Side of the Brain: How to Come Up with Jokes for Cartoons and Comic Strips" from Amazon and write some really funny sciency/brainy jokes for us! If you come up with something funny we'll certainly post it! Send your submissions to either or

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Yes, I love xkcd! Surely to be the subject of Sunday funnies of the future. (As well as PhD comics)