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Hi. This is Mike Paitchell. I founded the New Jersey Science and Engineering Festival and the parent organization which is staging it, the New Jersey Applied Science and Technology Council.

The USA has a crisis brewing. Many of us believe that the USA needs to get more young people interested in science and technology, choosing technical careers, becoming assets to industry, and developing new industries if we are to continue to function and grow as a viable country. It appears that the general population is less interested in science than ever before, and they have a minimal understanding of technology. The decline of USA based research, development, and manufacturing continues to accelerate.

I had been planning to host a local science and design fair, but after finding out about the USA Science and Engineering Festival and how it's mission closely matches my own beliefs, I decided that hosting a Satellite Event would be the perfect way to expose people of all ages to state of the art science and real world applications, show national unity, and start steering the country back on course,"

The New Jersey Festival can best be thought of as a "Worlds Fair" of science and technology, with different exhibitors providing many types of exhibits and attractions for all different types of people, with different levels of interest, education, understanding of science and technology. There will also be lectures, live music, theater, films, and other forms of live science themed entertainment for the masses, as well as aircraft and aerospace exhibits at a nearby County Airport, with free shuttle busses.

This is a very big undertaking. We started only a few months ago from scratch, and since that time, have secured a place to hold both the main exhibits (with 100,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibition space) and the aviation exhibits (we expect at least 15 civil, experimental, and military aircraft on display). We also have secured the endorsement and support of many public officials and local school systems. We have also assembled our core Science and Industry Advisory Board.

We are now actively pursuing the donations and sponsors needed to host and operate this very large event, and contacting our first potential exhibitors.

More to come...

Host your own Satellite Event in your community. Find our more here. Let's make the USA Science and Engineering Festival truly a national experience!

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Yaa... I agree with Mike Paitchell to hosting a Satellite Event would be the perfect way to expose people for whosoever the world. Really I Like this blog cause i am friend of science ! I ant to participate in a big Science Event!!