Inside the Creative Mind of Acclaimed Children's Science Book Author Seymour Simon

i-9d0abb0d0e506abb2273c116353199df-Seymour-Simon-Photo.jpgIn his prolific career of more than 30 years as an author of science books for children, Seymour Simon has penned more than 250 children's books, taking young readers on exciting, unforgettable journeys across the breadth of the scientific landscape -- from exploring outer space, its planets, earthquakes and super storms to delving into the intricate workings of the human heart and brain, the internal clocks of chrysanthemums, and the behavior and mystery of butterflies, gorillas, cats, dogs and other wonders of nature. In fact, says one book reviewer, "There is no place on, in, or around the earth that Seymour Simon is afraid to explore."

Through his works and their wide array of topics, Seymour, whom the New York Times called "the dean of [children's science] writers," has helped encourage millions of kids to explore, learn and discover through the excitement of science.

What makes a good children's science book? "Well, a lot of it is indefinable," says Seymour, who lives in Columbia County in upstate New York where he writes and enjoys photographing nature from his hilltop home. "A lot of it has to do with the writing, whether it's interesting, whether it's clear, true and accurate (at least as accurate as we know it at the time) and whether it leads to further interest in the subject. I think it's very important that what you write is stimulating and opens up the world instead of just answering questions and closing down any further investigation, or any further interest."

Can you think of some good topics for new children's science books?

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