With Focus on Wowing Elementary and Middle School Students, Life Technologies Returns as Major Sponsor!

As many educators know, the elementary and middle school years are critical periods in which students' interest in science can "wither on the vine" if efforts are not made early to engage young learners in such subjects in exciting and creative ways.

i-da8424dbf66fd8c00b66cef156e3f327-life technologies.pngThis is why global biotech leader Life Technologies -- as it prepares to return as a major Sponsor of the USA Science & Engineering Festival next spring.-- will devote a major portion of its outreach exhibits at the finale Expo to wowing elementary and middle school students through a wide range of interactive science activities.

"We know how important it is for kids, especially young girls, to remain engaged and motivated in science at that age," says Heather Virdo, head of Community Relations for Life Technologies." And we know how powerful science outreach can be when it is combined with exciting hands-on interaction with real-life scientists and other professionals.

"That's why," she says, "Life Technologies looks forward to returning as a Sponsor of a major public event like the Science & Engineering Festival as this gathering works to help inspire young students to become leading scientists of tomorrow and to prepare them to play an important role in developing new applications and technologies that will lead our society into the future."

Life Technologies Corporation and its Foundation, with its long history of scientific excellence and community involvement, is also known for its deep commitment to supporting the next generation of scientific leaders through education and outreach in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

At the Life Technologies exhibits during the finale Expo in April, elementary and middle school students and their teachers will get an up-close-and personal look into the
intriguing world of bioscience research, including how Life Technologies scientists are using DNA sequencing techniques to not only better diagnose, treat and investigate disease, but to also save wild cheetahs and other endangered species, in addition to improving farming and agriculture techniques for the food we eat.

And through hands-on interaction with Life Technologies scientists and research technicians, Expo goers will also participate in genetic sequencing and human identification exercises.

"The Festival also offers a great way fori-3bc24a8930caaed26e93b7c248f9844b-life technologies 2.jpg our non-scientist employees at Life Technologies to also become involved with outreach," says Heather. "So members of our Human Resources, Finance and other departments will also be present to talk to students about career opportunities in these fields as well at our corporation."

Known worldwide for its innovation and leadership in scientific discovery, Life Technologies is a global biotechnology tools company dedicated to improving the human condition. Its systems, consumables and services enable researchers to accelerate scientific exploration, driving to discoveries and developments that make life even better. Life Technologies was created by the combination of Invitrogen Corporation and Applied Biosystems Inc., and manufactures both in-vitro diagnostic products and research use only-labeled products.

We thank Life Technologies and our other valued Sponsors as they join us in our goal of inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers!


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