Signs of life in medical social media

Many of us who are involved in social media have bemoaned the sluggishness of our own professions in adopting new media. There are two notable developments in my own field that seem to be holding up.

The first is the twitter stream for the American Medical News. This is an online and print newsletter put out by the American Medical Association, but in true social media fashion, the feed is not simply a conduit for their own articles. The feed retweets frequently and tweets stories from other media outlets and blogs.

The second is a blog from my own specialty organization, the American College of Medicine. It has a "QD" (medicalese for "daily") news feature, and also features content from well-known medical bloggers.

This sort of online presence is a great start. I'm not an AMA member, but I occasionally read the American Medical News, and now that they tweet, I'm even more likely to check them out. Their willingness to link outside their own organization is critical.

So, folks, what other examples have you got for me? What am I missing out there?


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