Back again (from Africa no less) - and apologies for the absence.

Just saw the tally on the blog, and it seems that the last time I wrote here was well over two months ago. Well, most of that has to do with a trip to Ibadan, Nigeria, and an extended bout with jet lag, but I'm back into the blogging mood again.

To start with, I thought I'd have a hand at a Harper's Index type post, detailing some of the things I saw and discovered at my trip. Also take a gander at some of photos I took below.

- - -

Some points to consider.

Topic of workshop delivered by author of post (and his colleague Joanne Fox) - Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics;

Number of Pipettemans available to us - 24;

Number of computers available to us - 20;

Length of workshop - 2 weeks;

Actual number of days with working internet - 1;

Number of Nobel Laureates once residing in Ibadan - 1 (Wole Soyinka);

His discipline - literature, drama, poetry;

Approximate noise level of a theatrical performance in a small auditorium - 75 - 85dB;

Highest recorded noise level in the operating theatres of the University College Hospital in Ibadan - 74-89dB;

Number of medical/graduate student/scientist clients at our workshop - 24;

Approximate price of science graduate student tuition (per year) at the University of Ibadan - US$450;

Tuition for a foreign student - US$3,000;

Amount of stipend received by graduate student - US$0;

Funds for scientific supplies for graduate student - US$0 (students actually often have to buy their own reagents);

Price of standard room at the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (or IITA - where we stayed) - US$100 per night.;

Number of Tennis Courts at the IITA - 2;

Price of a soda pop at the IITA - US$1;

Percentage of Nigeria's population of 150 million living on less than $1 per day - 50%

- - -

In case, you're totally confused what this is all about, this trip is my third to Nigeria to help with a developing science infrastructure project. You can read about my first trip here.

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Awesome dude,
I used to be a chemistry and physics teacher in a high school in Benin in the Peace Corps back in the early 90s. Your photos make me very nostalgic.