#6: Puzzle Fantastica #1 (Ten Best of the Decade from Half of the World's Fair)

In a countdown from just one of us, this one isn't just from one half of the World's Fair; it's from both of us. Truth be told, Dave did most of the work here and in the end this was a hallmark achievement for the blog. There isn't a great way to repost the totality of the Puzzle Fantastica, the solution to which was first posted here in September 2006. But I'll try. If you've never seen the PFs, then it's probably best to start back at the beginning and work your way up.

i-561db6f81b4e14f493818af05295c444-#6 PF#1.jpg


The Worlds' Fair is thinking, pondering, mulling over, mulling under, obsessing around something, something not to be told, something requiring many prepositions. Something to be intimated, perhaps. But something not to reveal. Yet. Not yet. There are things that will lead you to it, things that are helpful. We've made some of them available. One is a fish. A picture of a fish, rather. One is a picture of the cow as a food factory. It's a cow. A third is Elvis related.

There is a puzzle being revealed, but we dare not step closer. We leave that to you. There is maybe more, but not yet.

Here sit the clues:

First three clues:


Here then was the next clue: [The fourth clue was here, as a Quicktime file]

Then onto the fifth and final clue:


Finally, the solution (click on it for a larger version):


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