#2: The Current Literature on Science: Author-meets-Blogger Series in Review

(Ten Best of the Decade from Half of the World's Fair)

This series began with the kindness of a friend who agreed to let me ask him about his book about Barry Commoner, science, and modern environmentalism. It then spawned a series of 17 interviews with authors of books in science studies, environmental history, the history of science, and all combinations in between. Every one of them was enjoyable to do; every author was generous and insightful. I've been able to use some of these as thumbnail sketches of readings I use in class. In that, they stand as the best example of blogging as a complement to my academic work. I already have a summary page of these here (visually) and here (just a list of links), so below I'll give banner images for each discussion as a third form of compilation. And I'll say thank you again to all the authors who agreed to do this and the many readers who wrote off-line and on-line in response. Also a final thank you to Michael Egan and Jody Roberts who contributed their own interviews to the series (Egan with Kevin Marsh; Roberts with Lizzie Grossman and Michelle Murphy).

i-6bc5355eac7c2e278b8ab0ca1f209674-#2 Author-Blogger.jpg


Michael Egan, Barry Commoner and the Science of Survival: The Remaking of American Environmentalism (MIT, 2007):

i-50f161bdf953555d1436e0e7c3ab2716-Egan Banner.jpg

Cyrus Mody, various studies on nanotechnology and nanoscience (2004-present):

i-14720b0619db3a838f14d05466f0675b-Mody banner.jpg

Saul Halfon, The Cairo Consensus: Demographic Surveys, Women's Empowerment, and Regime Change in Population Policy (Lexington Books, 2006):

i-985b1387487edf8fc3d76c15914a796f-Halfon Banner.jpg

Kevin Marsh, Drawing Lines in the Forest: Creating Wilderness Areas in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, 2007):

i-5f4d0d3f9d27d639ae323c56607968f4-Marsh banner.jpg

David Hess, Alternative Pathways in Science and Industry: Activism, Innovation, and the Environment in an Era of Globalization (MIT, 2007):

i-23faa664a1fa26506e563fc6d5237d0c-Hess banner.jpg

Elizabeth Grossman, High Tech Trash: Digital Devices, Hidden Toxics, and Human Health (Island Press, 2007):

i-1c1d5335c16eae9ee8446ab18132aeb9-High Tech Trash Slice.jpg

Shobita Parthasarathy, Building Genetic Medicine: Breast Cancer, Technology, and the Comparative Politics of Health Care (MIT Press, 2007):

i-293088015af42d7bbb3d917576af02b1-Parthasarathy Banner.jpg

Aaron Sachs, The Humboldt Current: Nineteenth-Century Exploration and the Roots of American Environmentalism (Viking Press, 2006):

i-77fd2721b80536d55658595935ff839f-Church's Niagara banner.jpg

Jan Golinski, British Weather and the Climate of Enlightenment (Chicago, 2007):

i-5fc1c12bd22f1a1ed279c6f8dbb3af5f-Golinksi Banner.jpg

Kelly Joyce, Magnetic Appeal: MRI and the Myth of Transparency (Cornell, 2008):

i-f6aa68cec0112080597a5d626453a221-MA slice.JPG

D. Graham Burnett, Trying Leviathan: The Nineteenth-Century New York Court Case That Put the Whale on Trial and Challenged the Order of Nature (Princeton, 2007):

i-d23beb0e8c52cb18601e8b4161ca3774-Burnett Banner.jpg

Michelle Murphy, Sick Building Syndrome and the Problem of Uncertainty: Environmental Politics, Technoscience, and Women Workers (Duke, 2006):

i-708e0991a68d78a3e2705d75fdc94fbe-SBS slice.jpg

Gregg Mitman, Breathing Space: How Allergies Shape Our Lives and Landscapes (Yale, 2007):


Keith Warner, Agroecology in Action: Extending Alternative Agriculture through Social Networks (MIT Press, 2007):

i-6d47073141e6b1d468261d2b99549bbc-AiA banner.JPG

Christopher Henke, Cultivating Science, Harvesting Power: Science and Industrial Agriculture in California (MIT Press, 2008):

i-a31008ddaab417fb326c920b5b59d9e4-Henke slice.JPG

Martha McCaughey, The Caveman Mystique: Pop-Darwinism and the Debates Over Sex, Violence, and Science (Routledge, 2007):

i-449193cc158503237c515c2b3d9affdc-Caveman banner.JPG

Julie Sze, Noxious New York: The Racial Politics of Urban Health and Environmental Justice (MIT Press, 2007):

i-8808cad20453e181cace59890bdec541-NNY banner.jpg

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