Walrus Rocks Out

What's different about this than people swimming with Whale Sharks? Fundamentally... probably nothing. However, I think this falls into the lighter shades of gray that the zoo and aquarium world must operate in, and ultimately I'm OK with, for the following reasons:

1. Walrus training is fairly common and does not pose a physical threat to the animal

2. Dolphin and sea lion training is enjoyed by the animals, obviously because their is a slimy fish reward involved, but also because new physical activity breaks up the monotony of life in a fish tank

3. I'm assuming that there is an educational component to this presentation and this finale is a tactic to encourage attendance

4. Walruses friggin love Michael Jackson

Have your own opinion you want to share? Let us know. (Thanks to Dave Abramson for the link)

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Is this for real? I mean i wouldn't put it past a walrus to rock out to michael jackson, but this could just be another clever net thing.

It is my belief that her dancing is too bad for this to be fake.

That's a fair bit of stuff to have memorised - there must be quite a bit of grey matter under the Walrus hood!

As stated, all behaviors are trained on a voluntary basis with these animals. The walrus seems to be having a blast :D

Any clue what facility this was filmed at? It is VERY impressive how well the trainer has chained/faded her cues. Thanks for sharing!