Dumbo Octopus Tattoo

So I was showing Zooillogix to a few folks at my friend's party in San Francisco and this guy broke out this sweet dumbo octopus tattoo. I'll show you mine, if you show me yours can be a risky move for a straight guy in SF, but it worked out this time around.

i-a1a86ae41a80ffb0dbc9562e56c2920b-Dumbo octopus tattoo.JPG
Dumbo octopus action

i-963618d23361d59fdf712ca3e8ce6946-Owl tattoo.JPG
He also had this spotted owl tat, which appears to be nesting in a dense thicket of some sort...

Thanks to Nicky Crane (not the deceased gay neo-Nazi skinhead activist) and Cassie Abel for providing the booze and camera.

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