Tern Island Again

Last week my dad and his wife took us to Tärnskär, "Tern Island" again like three years ago. This time we looked closer at the lovely glacial abrasion features on the island's higher end.

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mmm ... lovely. When I go on rock like that I just want to lie down on it and sleep. No matter what the time of year.
Am I weird?

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A rare English word "skerring" is close to the Swedish word.
I only found out about it by reading Neil Gaiman.
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The flat stone is good for walking on barefoot without getting sand everywhere.
The glacial abrasion patterns look just like the abrasion patterns I have seen in the (mostly drained) basin of the Norrfors rapids; rocks and pebbles carrided in the water wears the stone smooth.
(But there is enough micro-grooving for me and my family to overlook a rock carving that was right where we used to stop for a picnic year after year)

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Note how much of the topsoil has been removed by wave action during the slow rise of the island from the sea in the last 1000 years.
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(OT) If landslides and friction coefficients are important for some archaeology you may want to read this, even if it starts by describing landslides on Saturn's moon.

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