DC College Science Journalism Roundtable

For my DC peeps: I've been helping one of my colleagues with an event for college journalists, to be held next Friday at NIH (Bethesda, MD). It's a roundtable discussion on the challenges of covering addiction issues; scheduled guests include Lisa Stark of ABC News, Lauran Neergaard from the AP, and Jacqueline Duda of the WaPo, as well as scientists from NIH, NIDA, the University of Maryland and the University of Michigan. The event is free and open to college students at regional institutions of higher learning.

There is still some space left, so if you know any DC-area college students who are interested in careers as science/health journalists, please pass the word along and point them to the event registration website. Thanks!

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*GASP* You're helping journalists? Aren't we science bloggers supposed to call for all journalists to be boiled in oil or some such thing? For shame.

Not sure I can attend the whole thing, but is it open to non-college students?