Beauty and the Bones


Richard Avedon, The New Yorker, 1995

Via Haute Macabre, an unbelievable fashion editorial created by Richard Avedon for the New Yorker. I have no words.


Richard Avedon, The New Yorker, 1995

See the complete editorial at Haute Macabre.

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Very cool.

The link to the editorial does not work for me.

Yeah, that's because Haute Macabre moved their site over the weekend and apparently vacated their archives after I wrote the post - it's uberannoying when blogs do that, because the links break. It's fixed now with a link to the post at the new site.

Wow, that's a great find!
It's fun to try to find meaning in those photos; the first one seems to convey a rather standard vanitas sentiment, but the second one could be a perfect metaphor for pornography.. a depersonalized, passive male whose furnace is being fed by a scantily clad woman that cannot listen. Chilling.

By Jan-Maarten (not verified) on 25 Mar 2009 #permalink

I think the second one is a prescient commentary on the Battlestar Galactica finale!


I especially like the one with the skeleton posing by the fireplace.

As a guy, I am offended that these two photos are placed here purely to entice our primal, unthinking urges⦠as if weâre nothing more than stupid moths attracted to a candle. However, that doesnât mean that I canât be offended and pleased at the same time. Thanks Jessica!

By Screaming Dino… (not verified) on 25 Mar 2009 #permalink

The picture is beautiful and I saw it in isolation of the others over on Sheril's blog. I think I first interpreted it differently than others. I've been thinking a bit lately about fashion models and the pressure they're put under to be thin. I think, from that perspective, it's an interesting piece of social commentary.