Experimental jewelry by Nervous System


Algae filament necklace

Pam at Phantasmaphile alerted me to Nervous System, a jewelry company founded by MIT grads Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg. Nervous System "creates experimental jewelry, combining nontraditional materials like silicone rubber and stainless steel with rapid prototyping methods. We find inspiration in complex patterns generated by computation and nature."

While their various lines don't look quite as I expected - I was anticipating something Haeckel-like for "radiolaria" and neuronal for "dendrite" - they are intriguing and definitely "feel" organic. Their stacked orchid necklaces (below) are particularly unusual showpieces, perfect for those people who don't want their jewelry to look like anyone else's.


Orchid II necklace

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Jessica -

If you get a chance, actually "feel" this stuff. They had a booth last Fall at the Bust Magazine Craftacular in NYC and their silicone pieces, even Orchid II, are amazingly lightweight - and their metal pieces, like Algae Filament, are almost ethereal in their delicacy.