Tyrannosaurus photoventris
Judith Hoffman, 2009

This is just awesome! It's a dinocamera from artist/photographer/metalworker/amateur time traveler Judith Hoffman:

That's a lens cap/shutter on his navel. He takes pinhole photos of the late Cretaceous using paper negatives.

Here's one of the "photos of the Cretaceous:"


The realism is mind-boggling! I feel like I'm about to be devoured by a plastic toy on the set of a B-movie!

You can see more fun photos here, at Judith's site. She also has a show opening tomorrow at the Peninsula Art Museum, 10 Twin Pines Lane, Belmont, California 94002. Hours are Wednesday-Friday 12 - 4, Saturday, Sunday, 1 - 4.

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FAKE. It can't operate the camera! Its arms are too short.