Vision Quest


A Cruel and Beautiful Far Away Place
Christopher Reiger

Vision Quest, "A Group Show of Neo-Shamanic Art," is opening at the Observatory in NYC this Saturday, January 16, at 7pm:

While the role of the shaman has traditionally been fulfilled by experienced elders in indigenous groups spanning culture and time, VISION QUEST posits that our artists fit the bill as well. Today, with more of us living in an urban jungle rather than a real one, it has become all the more important to figure out ways to internalize the lessons of nature: its growth, its brilliant bloom, its death. And in an age of digitization and distraction, of wire vines and humming screens, it's no wonder we long for deeper, more sensory experiences of self - with all of its darkness and divinity.

Participating artists include my friend and perennial fave Christopher Reiger, Adela Leibowitz and Christopher Mir. The show is curated by Pam Grossman, creator and editor of Phantasmaphile, a terrific art blog. Check it out!

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