What are your favorite iPhone apps?

Now that I've downloaded really important applications like a timer for cooking, a program for playing with molecular structures, and an app that lets me listen to NPR on my phone, I'm ready for more.

I'm seriously overwhelmed by the iTunes App store. I found a program for learning human anatomy, a laboratory calculator for making solutions, music programs, wow!

Who knew?

I know some schools are using iPhones for teaching, but I never realized how much was out there.

Deepak recommends something called TouchPhysics.

What are you using? What cool apps do you suggest?

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It's hard to find the good stuff in between all the weird nonesense, here's a few apps I found to be very usable:

Not the cheapest math tool available for the iPhone, but certainly the most powerful one is Spacetime: http://www.spacetime.us/iphone/

A rather nicely designed scientific unit converter (and reducer) is Equivalence: http://apogee-dev.com/equivalence

If you're using Google Reader then Byline is a good choice for a feedreader: http://www.phantomfish.com/byline.html

I don't have the iPhone but the iPod Touch which is the same OS.

My favorite apps:

TouchTerm - an ssh shell app.
PocketGuitar - quite literally a strumming guitar.
fring - that with a $14 microphone from sparkfun.com lets me use Skype on my Touch.

A2Z Pro Conversions: Free universal conversion calculator. Great for shopping here in Canada where specials and recipes are priced by the pound, but priced and labelled by the kilogram.

SHazam: Music identification software. Let it listen to the song for 10 seconds, and it'll usually tell you what the song is, and give relevant links to YouTube and the iTMS. Not 100% reliable, but surprisingly good for being free.

AirSharing: turn your iPhone into a WiFi hard drive.

Aside from that, it's just Facebook, Showtimes, and Bejewelled.

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If you jailbreak your phone you can get everything AirSharing gives plus more. (i.e. be able to access the SQL tables holding all the data for your apps)

BTW - my must have apps include

Air Yell - great yellow pages app that makes maps and will even dial the numbers you look up.

Epocrates RX is a nice app that doctors use to look up drugs. But it's well worth having yourself to "check" to make sure your doctor isn't missing anything (or even to offer suggestions)

NetNewsWire is a great rss reader and syncs with the desktop client so you don't have to use the iPhone to set up your feeds. A must have if you read a lot of blogs

Remote - controls your Apple TV. Way cool.

Mostly free apps, but I did buy some. SInce I teach in an alternative setting, and can teach pretty much all subjects, I have GraphCalc, Molecules, Units ( for conversions), the Declaration and Constitution for the iPhone, LabCal, iEphemeris (lite), and EleMints. I've been thinking of getting some language programs to help (I tutor some Spanish, and am trying to learn Japanese). I've also used YouTube for some scientific videos (DNA replication, etc).

Thanks everyone, I know what I'll be doing this Thanksgiving! While my husband cooks turkey, I'll be downloading iPhone apps.

Kudos for your blog - great stuff there.
I also own an iPhone and downloaded the usual stuff like Google Earth and a few games.
There is one simple app that I use everyday now:
CalcConv, a really neat converter and calculator (yes, at the same time, with on-the-fly conversions).
Good contact with the developer (a lady :-) who promised to add the units I missed.