Anti-Gay Politics in Alabama

This post at House Blend reports on a tactic being used by the Republican Party in Alabama leading up to the November elections. The head of the Alabama Republican Party, whose real name - I'm not making this up - is Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, has recorded an audio clip being used in automated phone calls all over the state accusing 4 Democratic lawmakers of being captive to the "gay agenda" because one Democratic candidate for Congress there is a lesbian.

Someone should remind them that the Alabama Republicans share a party with mouth-breathing moron Gerald Allen, who thinks that all books written by or about gay people should be banned from libraries and universities in that state, with loathsome theocrat Roy Moore, who thinks gay people should be in prison or put to death, and with Tom Parker, who thinks judges and public officials should defy Federal court rulings they disagree with (George Wallace, anyone?). I really don't think these people should be playing guilt by association with that murderer's row of nutballs in their party.


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But would they have a problem with being associated with those people?

By Kristjan Wager (not verified) on 24 Oct 2006 #permalink

One again, reality outpaces the most feverish fiction.