The Rioting Continues in Jerusalem

More of the same from these nuts:

Members of an ultra Orthodox Jewish sect Wednesday night took to the streets in Jerusalem for a second night, setting small fire and engaging police with stones and bottles, to protest next week's gay pride parade.

A number of protesters were arrested for causing a disturbance.

The demonstration, organized by the Haredi sect, marched through mainly Orthodox neighborhoods. At one point police had to rescue a taxi driver whose cab had been encircled by protestors.

The bad news is that they're promising to keep this up every night until the event is cancelled:

Eyewitnesses said Wednesday night's protest appeared larger than the one on Wednesday and Haredi leaders said they will keep up the nightly demonstrations until the parade is cancelled.

The good news is that the police are now reaffirming that they will not cancel the event:

As momentum began to build by Orthodox rabbis and conservative Christian and Moslem leaders police on Monday said they were considering canceling the permit for the parade to be held next Friday.

But on Tuesday, before the first riot began, police said they would still allow the parade to go ahead.

Unfortunately, that may not be the end of it:

On Tuesday Jerusalem's police chief declared a State of Alert - something usually done during a time of war or a terrorist attack. All police leaves have been cancelled until after next Friday, and the police have called on the army to provide additional support.

If the situation continues to escalate the government could intervene and order the gay pride parade to be cancelled in the name of national security. Or it could order the parade moved out of the city to another location.

The pride parade has been under increasing condemnation by religious extremists and conservative members of Israel's Parliament. Orthodox rabbis, Muslims and conservative Christians have reignited the firestorm of criticism they mounted over World Pride events held over the summer in Jerusalem. Their opposition resulted in the refusal to grant a parade permit to World Pride.

I've got news for them: this is a terrorist attack. These people are bent on using violence and destruction to destroy the liberty of innocent people who have done nothing to harm them; if that isn't terrorism, nothing is terrorism. The rioters are just lucky that they're not Palestinian or they wouldn't have just had a few arrested, they probably would have been tear gassed, at bare minimum, or worse (possibly much worse).

If they cancel this parade, they will be caving in to the threats of thugs and terrorists. They will be abdicating their responsibility to protect the rights of their citizens. And they will only be guaranteeing that more violence takes place in the future against gays in that country. Israel is constantly preaching that they never bow to threats. Let's see if that applies to threats from within as well.


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So lemme see if I'm getting this right -- they have to incite violence on holy ground to keep gays from desecrating holy ground...?

If Israel caves to this, we'll be seeing more of the same in America as well as Israel, and probably Europe as well. Let's see how the PoMo Parisian lefties respond to that...

It's what Moshe (Moses) would do. (WWMD)

We already have Fred Phelps and his family, thank you very much.

What? More right-wing, homophobic terrorists? The devil you say! Or says Jurgensmeyer:

"What they have in common, these movements of cowboy monks, is that they consist of anti-institutional, religio-nationalist, racist, sexist, male-bonding, bomb-throwing young guys. Their marginality in the modern world is experienced as a kind of sexual despair that leads to violent acts of symbolic empowerment. It could almost be seen as poignant, if it were not so terribly dangerous."

Duh, more nutjobs complaining about homosexuals. We get it. How's about analyzing the forces that promote the nutjob viewpoint, and then formulating an effective counter response. It's not enough (no matter how virtuous it feels) to hold enlightened opinions. They'll still put us against the wall if they get the chance. Let's do something before it gets that far.

Tree, may have read too much Margaret Atwood when she was a seedling