Klyuchevskoy shows some new features


Klyuchevskoy has already had a busy year and now we have some recent photos showing a lava flow that is snaking down the side of the volcano. The website with the lava flow image has a pile of other great eruption photos of Klyuchevskoy over the last couple of years and well worth the time to look through them all - the volcano is definitely one of those classic arc volcanoes in both shape and activity.

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For this Volcano I always watch the webcam for it don,t know if you knew it was there??
This is the adress
Also the SHIVELUCH VOLCANO and the BEZYMIANNY VOLCANO are presented on this webpage but it only seems to run when there is daylight!!!!

Greetings Ton van der Aa

By Ton van der Aa (not verified) on 25 Nov 2008 #permalink