Latest SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Report (3/18-24/09)

Its been a busy week for volcanoes between the headline capturing Tongan and Alaska eruptions. Catch up on what you might have missed with the latest SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Report (for 3/18-3/24). Highlights (beyond Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha'apai and Redoubt) include:

  • Galeras, Colombia has settled down a bit
  • More block-and-ash flows from the two dome complexes growing at Chaiten, Chile
  • Strombolian eruptions at Mt. Etna, Italy
  • Plumes of steam and minor ash were reported from Popocatépetl, Mexico
  • A small lahar was seen at Tungurahua, Ecuador
  • Ash plumes and incandescent tephra explosions were spotted in Rabaul's Tavurvur cone

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