The science of systematics

As the science of order ("taxonomy"), Systematics is a pure science of relations, unconcerned with time, space, or cause. Unconcerned with time: systematics is non-historic and essentially static; it knows only a simple juxtaposition of different conditions of form. Unconcerned with space: geographical factors are not primary criteria in the definition of taxonomic units. Unconcerned with cause: systematics has no explanatory function as far as the origin of the system is concerned; it is merely comparing, determining, and classifying.

Borgmeier, Thomas. 1957. Basic Questions of Systematics. Systematic Zoology 6 (2):53-69.

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Wow, you are really into ancient history! That was published nine years before I joined the Society.

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I have just written a response to your post on Borgmeier (1957) here.

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